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ERGOLASH® - The New Ratchet

Why is ERGOLASH so spectacular?


Frayed strap-ends is yesterdays problem

You definitely know the problem: frayed strap-ends can be nearly impossible to shove through the small gap in the ratchet-shaft.

What you do: Cut the strap-end in an angle or melt the strap-end so it once again becomes flat.

What we do: Nothing. We never come near the strap-end with ERGOLASH®. Frayed strap-ends is not, and will never become a problem anymore.


Roll-out what you need

Only need 3 meter strap? Just roll-out 3 meter strap.
You can swipe the strap into the ratchet at any length. Never again do you have to pull the entire strap through the ratchet.

Not only is it 35% faster, but you can also easily correct twisted straps without any effort.


Less dirt pulled through the ratchet

Now that you don't have to pull the entire strap through the ratchet, you will avoid;

  + Smearing a fat lump of grease all over the strap,
  + Filling the ratchet with sand, mud and dirt,
  + Cursing and swearing over a knot has formed and you have to start all over.

Made of high-quality
Hardened High-Alloy Steel

The world-patented spline shaft is carefully produced in several steps to provide extreme strength and durability.

Made in high-alloy military-grade steel, and afterwards hardened in a tempering process gives maximum strength.

Is it strong enough?

Yes. ERGOLASH® comply with all the strict tensile strength requirements given in EN12195-2 and is furthermore TÜV SÜD Certified.

Why you should
Upgrade to The New Ratchet

ERGOLASH® has phenomenal benefits, but combined with Dynello the synergies explode.

+ Swipe the strap you need, put a Dynello Clip™ on the leftover strap.