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How to use Dynello Accu Winder

  • 1 min läsning


  • Use index finger to control and align the ratchet strap during winding.
  • Control and adjust speed of winding when the metal hook approaches.
  • Adjust torque on drill to get a tight-rolled strap.

Since we have introduced Dynello Accu Winder not many strap winders for drills have had succes in the market.

However, Dynello Accu Winder have proven in worth and this is primarily due to one thing: it's simple.

We want strap winding to be as easy and convenient as possible. We have therefore made this explanation/instruction video to provide you with further tips how you can make strap winding easy for yourself.

Jens will provide you with the following tips:

  • How to insert the strap fast.
  • How to steer the strap.
  • How to take off the strap.
  • How to prevent the strap from unwinding.
Dynello Accu Winder | Strap winder for drill:
  • Fits every drill (Ø10mm shaft).
  • Made in stainless materials.
  • Easy to steer the strap.
  • You decide how tight the strap shall be winded (squeeze out water of wet straps).
  • Less than 7 seconds per strap (huge time-savings).